Faux / Artificial trees - shrubs - flowers - garden elements:
settings designed & installed by Robert Urban


below - upper east side townhouse backyard
with faux conical boxwood trees on either side of couch; faux English Ivy weaved thru upper trellice.


Faux boxwood hedges, faux English ivy & faux boxwood topiary balls -
outdoor corporate office balcony on corner of East 57th & Madison Ave.

below - upper east side townhouse backyard
with faux boxwood hedge and faux conical boxwood tree on balcony.

upper east side townhouse front - with faux boxwoods on balcony and
faux arborvitae on ground level


east 57th Street high rise apartment balcony
faux & real boxwoods


below - Beekman place townhouse front fenced-in area. A mix of real & faux - artificial Arborities shrubs with real red maple.


below - Chelsea back yard - faux boxwood "wall" and faux boxwood swirl-shaped topiary shrubs; with fountain.

upper east side, 2nd floor apartment balcony
- with faux boxwood privacy hedge


upper west side townhouse back yard - with faux topiary ball boxwoods
faux arborvitae on ground level


east 60s townhouse back yard
faux English ivy mixed with real English ivy creates noise & visual screen
for central air conditioning exhause


midtown west penthouse terrace - dining area
surrounded by both real and faux garden elements

upper west side townhouse front window -
with faux English ivy and miniature faux topiary boxwood trees


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