Welcome to Robert's URBAN PRODUCTIONS Recording Studio

- offering a full range of musical/creative services, including
(producing, composing, arranging, drum-programming, recording, midi-sequencing, web-site design & singer-songwriter projects.

also music for dance, film, stage, schools, etc.
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Additionally, Robert is available for off-premise work as producer, recording engineer, private music teacher and/or session guitarist/bassist.

(photo by Sheila Murphy)

The studio's control room has recently been outfitted with a new soundproofing, solid soundproof door and 5'x 6' giant soundproof window and air-conditioning.
We are MAC-based (fully loaded & updated Quad Core Intel Mac) as of Jan 2010 - 24 bit/96k hard disk recording via Apogee Rosetta AD and/or MOTU 2408mk3 & 24i, MOTU Digital Performer
(currently 7.22) and LOGIC music software. All latest updates of Toast, Peak. Software sounds & effects include MOTU SYMPHONIC orchestral instruments, LOUNGE LIZARD keys, MIROSLAV PHILHARMONIK, TOONTRACK SUPERIOR DRUMMER, SPECTRASONIC'S OMNISPHERE and TRILIAN BASS, the complete WAVES suite, complete KORG software vintage SYNTHS, complete Antares AUTOTUNE efx suite, NATIVE INSTRUMENTS B4 and KONTAKT 4, complete Lexicon reverb suite, GUITAR RIG, complete ABBEY ROAD, complete NOMAD FACTORY, complete APPLE efx, etc, etc.)

Winner! 2010 "Best of Business Award" awarded to URBAN PRODUCTIONS
from The Small Business Commerce Association


(photo by Sheila Murphy)



- Guitars on premise include Strats, Les Paul, vintage Goya electric hollow body, DanElectro.
- Fender & ESP bass gtrs
- Two Takemine acoustic gtrs (cutaway & regular body).

Real Amps include Roland Jazz Chorus 120, Vox AC15, Mesa Boogie, Hartke bass amp.

POD, vintage 80's Roland GR300 gtr synth & many gtr effects pedals.
Keyboards in include KURZWEIL PC1X 88 weighted-keys Performance Controller, vintage Proteus MPS.

Drum sound sources include BATTERY, Alesis DM5, Roland JV-2080, vintage Roland 707 drum machine, Proteus MPS and a seven piece Roland midi-trigger drum kit. Numerous real percussion instruments (tamborines, shakers, bells, claves, etc.) also on premise.








Singer JAMES ERICKSON contributes to Roger Kuhn's 2005 cd Proof.










Robert Urban with singer/songwriter artist ROGER ANTHONY MAPES new 2009 "House of Joy" album session


Poet Renair Amin lays down tracks for her 2010 cd project      Russian guitarist Aliaksei Misitov checks out the studio's new Takemine acoustic gtr 


Robert lays down some drum trax on his 2004 CD release ROCK WIDOW


Musical Colleage & Bassist Extraordinairre TOSHIO MANA poses during a studio session.

See also various film scores composed & recorded by Robert at Urban Productions.

Punk rock Singer/Poet SCOTT FREE sings "The Muffin Song" for his 2004 cd They Call Me Mr. Free


PC meets MAC - Robert Urban & Synth/Tech Wizard TOM O'NEILL trade song & sound files across platforms

Blues Harp Expert GLEN MUNOZ records some solos for a client's session. We got a great vintage blues sound using a Bullet Mic thru a tube Vox guitar amp with classic spring reverb.

Martina Downey - recording sessions for 2010 cd project                        Morry Campbell - 2007 recording sessions for  LONG WAY HOME cd.


Roger Kuhn & James Erickson sing duet vocals for a track on Roger's 2005 cd PROOF

Robert Urban - Owner/Operator

studio - 212-932-1044; cell - 917-499-2413
email: Urban Productions


(photo by Sheila Murphy)

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