Urban Productions in association with the 2005 Fresh Fruit Festival BOLDLY Presents
Saturday, JULY 16 - 10pm-2am The Bowery Poetry Club - 308 Bowery, NYC

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live-in-concert photos by Roger Kuhn & Vera


"Hi Robert - I just wanted to say thank you for a fine evening. Everyone was happy to have played the event. I have never been around people who are more organized about things than I am and we were completely refreshed that you and your staff worked so well with us" - Mercury II, VIBRALUX.
"I had a lot of fun. Seeing the bands at the trans explosion really opened my eyes. Vibralux was a rip on and off stage" - GEENA,transgender guitarist in the the New Jersy rock group DRAGSTER

"I would just like to tip my hat to Robert Urban for having put together what was surely the single best queer music event I have ever attended. The Trans-Rock Explosion was truly that! From the soulful, Tom Petty-tinged rock of Georgie Jessup to the flat out, glam-o-rama, goth-punk, Zeppelin-heaviness of Vibralux (from Kansas, no less!). From the down and dirty Ramones-esque punk of Temptress to the flat-out hard-core brilliance of Lisa Jackson and Girl Friday (any adjectives I could use for her set would be woefully inadequate -- they were transcendent in every sense of the word). It was by far the best lineup I may ever have seen in the city, let alone at a queer music event. An incredibly diverse crowd, 4 awesome bands, and superb production values! What a remarkable night! Kudos to all of the brilliant acts, the staff at the Bowery Poetry Club (esp. Misha the Sound Guy), and, of course, Robert, for putting together an unforgettable night of amazing music. cheers" - Drew Edwards, CELLARDOOR

"Congratulations Robert on bringing it all together. You took something originally planned as a small show and turned it into a much bigger and far more successful evening of fine entertainment. You did a fantastic job of getting some great talent assembled and making the whole thing work. Congratulations again on a great show"
- Candice Wolf, GRL RADIO So Cal "Transgender radio with attitude"


"Congrats! I think its probably the best lineup I've ever seen, each band rocked. Lisa Jackson is amazing. Absolutely amazing." - ROGER KUHN


"Robert - The TGR night was a blowout, all thanks to you!" - Jeffrey Leeds, Managing Director, FRESH FRUIT FESTIVAL

"I love you Robert. You are PT Barnum! - Lisa Jackson, Vibralux, Temptress and Georgie Jessup just rocked the room. We left at 1:30am and the place was still rocking with the after-show open mic. Thank you Robert Urban for pulling together this historic concert and having it run smooth as silk." - Carol Polcovar, Artistic Director, FRESH FRUIT FESTIVAL


see additional Trans Rock pics of Georgie HERE

"Robert - A BIG congrats on the show! I heard it was packed and totally rocked the house. Just wanted to touch base to get a recording of the show that we could use to broadcast on my show sometime in the future" - Charlie Dyer, SIRIUS OutQ Radio, NYC
"HI Robert, Thanks you again for the opportunity and for performing with us!
I hope this is the start of a long friendship - RIGHT ON MY BROTHER FROM ANOTHER MOTHER!!" - Georgie Jessup





See live-in-concert Trans Rock TEMPTRESS pics HERE

"Hey Robert -We promoted the whole night to our firends and fans!"








co-producer/musical host

Robert Urban


"Heartfelt thanks to the Fresh Fruit Board of Directors for including Urban Productions' TRANS ROCK EXPLOSION in their 2005 arts festival, letting me run with the concept and supporting it all the way thru to its smash finish. Special thanks to Drew Edwards of CELLARDOOR who led STEVEN & MISHA - together the best stage tech team ever - getting 4 big rock bands on & off stage in record time! Thanks to ROGER KUHN & VERA for the great live-in-concert pics. Thanks to all the glbT media who helped promote the event. Thanks to BOB HOLMAN of BOWERY POETRY CLUB for offering his club to our extraordinary brand of performers and audience. Thanks to the glamorous & very diverse crowd of straight/trans/queer fans who came from everywhere, packed the house, and raised their fists in unison rock salute all night. And thanks most of all to the talented gurlz of the TRANSGENDER ROCK EXPLOSION - Lisa Jackson & Girl Friday/Vibralux/Temptress/Georgie Jessup - who showed us all just how it's done, and who reminded this ol' rock luver why he's spent his whole life in doin' it." - RU, URBAN PRODUCTIONS, NYC



more photos at: Trans Rock page 2 and Trans Rock page 3





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